Short Life 2

About Short Life 2

Short Life 2

Short Life 2 is a sequel to the beloved online sidescroller that became quite a sensation thanks to its hilarious gameplay that involves realistic physics, gruesome death animations and brutal difficulty. This time around the levels are even less forgiving, the traps are everywhere and the fun-factor is even higher than before.

Every single Short Life 2 game you play is an endurance round: just when you think you are safe, the next crazy obstacle appears on the way, and it’s not always possible to predict what exactly will happen and which course of action to take. Thankfully, the levels are not very long, so playing through them never gets tedious.

Just like in part one, you need to control the protagonist by pressing the arrow keys: left and right to run, down to crouch and up to jump. The movement feels a bit more responsive this time around, but the difficulty is off the charts – you have to be in a certain mood to enjoy this game, but if you are, there’s nothing like it!

Shortlife 2 is an awesome sequel to an already great game. If you enjoyed the original, you will most definitely have fun with part 2 as well. Can you help the unlikely protagonist finish every level?

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